"EV Battery Tech provided an interesting insight into the challenges and opportunities present along the battery value chain, and especially with respect to maximizing value to the end user & customer"

Daimler AG

"The conference covered a great variety of topics along the values chain of EV batteries, sometimes with controversial results due to the different backgrounds of the speakers. The several Q&A sessions, as well as the breaks in the exhibition area offered a good chance for discussions and to come or stay in contact with experts and
decision makers, from the mine/brine to the OEM."

PSA Peugeot-Citroen

“Thank you for this conference. I left the conference room around 6h10 and my train was at 7h02. I stepped onto my train 10m before the departure time. So you can see, how interested I was by the presentations! It shows the quality of conference”


“It was very nicely organized conference & I learned a lot through this event”


"Thank you for the organisation of this very interesting conference"


"A nice cross section of the industry"

Mercedes-Benz HPE

"Excellent question & answer sessions & senior speaker representation"

McLaren Automotive

"Very pleasing content from presenters & panels"

Volvo Car Corporation

"Strong program content"


"Good OEM & battery manufacturer supplier presentations"

Valence Technology

"Content excellent - great industry overview"

Delaware Power Systems

"The credibility of this event is the best I've seen so far.  Usually, you're not sure what you're going to get by the way of content.  This was fantastic!"

PSA Peugeot-Citroen

"Great Conference - The right size for networking"


"Excellent networking opportunity"


"Senior level speakers & diversity"

Jaguar Land Rover

"Useful insight into industry"

Luminus Management LLC

"Excellent program, great job inviting top speakers, good intensity keeps question & answers flowing - One of the best events I have attended"

McLaren Automotive

"Really good selection of speakers"


"Access to leaders in EV space - great networking"


"Wide range of topics, fantastic expertise of speakers"

EBM Papst

"Pleasing mix of key people within industry"

PSA Peugeot-Citroen

"Great networking & insight into future perspectives"


"Very Impressive"

Hitachi Chemical

"Great opportunity to learn about commercial & technology trends"

Durr Ecoclean

"You did a fantastic job! Great cast of characters & great content"

Graftech International

"Good balance between presentation & networking"


"Keep doing what you are doing! Nicely organised & good customer service"


Our history and successes in the Automotive Innovation sector reaches back to 2008. Since then we have spearheaded a multitude of global initiatives, attracting only the highest level of speakers and delegates. Our agendas are researched closely with the industry to ensure that they deliver specific solutions for the end user.

Our industry leading EV Battery Tech series takes place bi-annually in the UK and USA, proving to be hugely successful showcasing the latest advancements in reducing the cost of EV batteries, alongside our EV Charging Infrastructure series, also taking place in both the UK and USA.

Below is a video from our 2012 EV Summits which gives an exciting insight into what we do in this sector:

Download free presentations

View presentations from last year's EV Battery Tech: Global Cost Reduction Initiative by clicking here.

EcoMobility TV EV Charging Video Report

Video report from the latest EV Charging Infrastructure conference courtesy of EcoMobility TV, January 2012 in London:


Global Automotive Lightweight Materials

April 25-26, 2012, London


Join the lightweighting community to benchmark your gram strategy, examine best practices and discover innovative, commercially viable solutions for sourcing, integrating and manufacturing advanced lightweight materials.

Find out actual results being delivered in weight savings, amongst a backdrop of candid debate on collaborative opportunities to enable widespread adoption of advanced lightweight materials and finding the most feasible routes to achieving scale.

Did You Know?

  • Since 2008, our Automotive initiatives have attracted over 1000 participants
  • Our speakers have included: Renault, Nissan, Jaguar/Land Rover, Toyota, Porsche, Vauxhall, Aston Martin, Ford, Chrysler, General Motors and many more

For more information and to read the full history in this sector, please
visit: www.london-business-conferences.co.uk/3/sectors/14/automotive-innovation



"The conference covered a great variety of topics along the valueschain of EV batteries, sometimes with controversial results due to thedifferent...

Nissan, Renault and Toyota led the discussions...

...on reducing the cost of electric vehicle battery systems from materials & chemistry to technology integration.

The leading vehicle OEMs discussed:

ENERGY DENSITY, POWER & RANGE: Cost driven perspectives on improving the energy density, power & range to improve the performance of the EV for mass market

MATERIAL ADVANCES: Examining material advances & evaluating the cathode, anode & electrolyte to deliver increased performance at reduced cost

INTEGRATION FOCUS: Identifying how to integrate cells & modules into packs to cost effectively improve vehicle level integration

THERMAL MANAGEMENT: Analysing thermal management system developments to improve battery life & performance at reduced cost

SAFETY ANALYSIS: Examining how to cost effectively deliver safety across operation, crash situations and during high ambient temperatures

VALUE CHAIN & STANDARDS ANALYSIS: Identifying the latest supplier relationship developments & standardization for cost effective industry alignment

BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS:  Evaluating the accuracy of battery management systems to cost effectively enhance battery protection & management

NEXT GENERATION FOCUS: Examining next generation technology to showcase cost effective developments on energy density, power, range & life